is owned and operated by a licensed attorney who has been practicing law as solo lawyer for over 26 years in Texas.
The founder had the idea for online video consultations between lawyers and clients years ago before the technology we have today was as available to everyone as it is now. In 2005 and the founder purchased the domain names “”, “” and “” from Network Solutions.
The founder, as a 26 year solo lawyer, has experienced most of the available methods of marketing a law practice. As attorneys we are subject to many sales and marketing ideas most of which are very costly and are the product of “high pressure” sales.
The mission of is to assist clients in finding a lawyer for their legal matter and provide lawyers a platform to market their law practices at a low cost without the need for high pressure sales.
The founder does not believe that marketing a law office and high costs go hand in hand. The founder has spent a great deal of time researching and implementing social media marketing and highly recommends lawyers have social media marketing profiles to add to their profiles on this site in addition to the lawyers existing web site.
Lastly, the founder strongly believes that face to face online video consultations, cams, and chat are what the public will begin to demand to save time and money in handling their legal matters. Now, with the widespread use of Google+ Hangouts and Apple Facetime and other online video chat methods this has become a present day reality.
It is the mission of LawyerCams to assist people in finding with lawyers and attorneys that use social media so they can get a better picture of that lawyer and their practice prior to contacting the lawyer for a meeting and also to help people be able to have face to face online video meetings and consultations to save time and money.